Being a new father..

I’m 32 and yes.. we’re expecting our first baby! Myriad of questions echoing in my head; Am’ I really ready? Am I going to be a good father? Will I be able to provide my baby with all needed? How am I going to feel and is my life going to change once and for all!??

To be continued…


This is my first post in my first blog ever!!

Hi there! I am excited to announce you that this is my first post in my very first blog ever!!

The urge of making this blog, is to share with you my every day experiences regarding the wellbeing of life!! 🙂

Are u a lover of good food, travelling and cruising, keeping fit or walking in the sun? Are u a hipster father and what is the way a new father can experience all above in the modern era?

Join me in this awesome journey and bon voyage!! 🙂